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New single: ”Tears Of Faith”

Listen to our first single ”Tears Of Faith” from the upcoming album ”Ghostlands”!!!

Ghostlands trailer

 official trailer for Ghostlands so spread the word to everyone you know. Watch it here or at

Title of the new album

HI! How are you folks doing? Well I´ll tell y´all something which will probably cheer you up in case you´re not in a good mood for the moment. I will reveal the title of the new album and the tracks which have been chosen to include. And you are the first ones to know it in the whole world!

The album title will be “GHOSTLANDS” , and here are the tracks:

  • Bleeding sympathy
  • Fields of dreams
  • Sunborn
  • Entangled in time
  • Remnants of yesterday
  • Stolen innocence
  • Ghostlands
  • Tears of faith
  • The cross I bear
  • A hymn for the fallen

We´re currently planning on letting Jocke Skog put his magic mixing fingers on it around w.9-10, hoping to follow the schedule of releasing the album some time in April/May.We will be releasing a limited digipack issue which will include a bonustrack.

So what are we doing now? Currently we are putting the last pieces of the vocals in place and mixing all the keyboards. We´re also planning for a releaseparty in Stockholm during spring. Most likely we´ll be appearing live as well. Withing 2 weeks I think the T-shirts will be available through “True metal merch”…

C ya! /Peter